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Engagement is the Currency of the Digital Economy

Driving engagement is the key challenge for companies in the digital economy; whether it’s about improving the customer experience and driving customer loyalty, or increasing productivity and reducing employee turnover, it is essential for companies to implement and manage effective engagement strategies.


Playbasis develops an enterprise-grade cloud platform which helps large companies such as telcos, banks, and retailers deliver deeply engaging and rewarding experiences that millennial audiences will love.

We make engagement loops and game mechanics accessible to businesses so that they can motivate, engage, and reward their Gen-Y workforces & customer bases. By leveraging our gamified mobile app frameworks, dynamic rules engine, and big data analytics, we help our customers drive measurable outcomes by reframing their business challenges as a game. Gamification is powerful because it make can make complex tasks more simple, and it can make mundane tasks more interesting.

When you understand how to motivate and engage people by making the hard things in life more fun, you have the power to change the world.


The core technology behind the Playbasis platform is our proprietary technology, DREAM Engine. DREAM stands for Dynamic Rewards, Engagement, and Motivation. There are three components to the DREAM Engine; the Input layer, the Compute layer, and the Feedback layer. Businesses provide the Input layer with a data source, such as a transaction log, event data, or a social feed.

DREAM then processes this data according to business rules to determine outcomes. The Feedback layer then communicates with the end users, or players, by providing them with points, badges, and other motivational incentives designed to drive key behaviors. Businesses can easily embed these incentive programs into their digital channels with Flow UI to create a fun, engaging, and long-term relationship with their customers.



Playbasis’ proprietary variable rewards engine designed to provide players with the right motivation at the right time.

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Embeddable customer journeys and engagement loops designed to drive significant improvement on key metrics.

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Customer relationship management software designed and built for the mobile-first, engagement economy.

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Predictive analytics designed to give businesses insights into the interactions happening across their digital channels.

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Playbooks are mobile solutions for industry verticals. Each Playbook is a pre-built, fully integrated App-as-a-Service which leverages gamification and modern user engagement techniques to drive key business outcomes.

Because Playbooks are built on top of our cloud platform, customers can get to market in a fraction of the time without having to sacrifice key features. Playbasis manages the design, deployment, and maintenance of each Playbook as a service, freeing up our customers to focus on executing a mobile strategy without having to worry about managing the nuts and bolts of mobile application development and on-going maintenance.

And with a flexible pay-as-you go and leasing options available, customers can quickly start seeing returns on their mobile investments. For a full list of available Playbooks, please click here:


It’s doesn’t matter what you think you know; what matters is how quickly you learn. No gamification, engagement, or loyalty strategy is perfect from day one. So Playbasis makes it easy use to the insights you gain from tracking user behavior to iterate and optimize your strategy over time.

Let Playbasis build a baseline engagement score for you product, tell Playbasis what your desired outcomes are, and then watch the magic happen as Playbasis automatically improves your strategy for you by adjusting and tweaking reward schedules, providing fresh interactive content, and creating new and interesting notifications for your users - all in an effort to help you reach your business objectives.

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Playbasis sits at the intersection of business applications, mobile games, and consumer internet. As such, we are ideally suited to help large corporates transform the way they interact with and serve their customers, employees, and partners. We have experience working with customers across many domains, such as financial services, telecommunications, retail, and FMCG. We understand the security requirements, integration complexities, and level of support that enterprise clients require.

As the largest and most well-funded gamification startup in Asia, we are a partner you can trust. Here are just a few of the world-class businesses that rely on Playbasis to power their engagement strategy:

  • Starhub
  • True
  • TMB

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We make gamification technology accessible to businesses so that they can motivate, reward, and engage their constituents. We think gamification is important because when you can reframe a business problem into a game, you can create amazing outcomes.

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