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At Playbasis, we combine decades of experience within the gaming industry with our unparalleled ability to drive real-world outcomes using proven social and mobile gaming mechanics. Our unique brand of gamification emphasizes the use of native 3D mobile and Augmented Reality gaming, allowing your customers to engage with the world around them like never before.

Game of chance

Behavioral psychologists have long known of the important role that stimulating the reward center of our brains plays in new habit formation. But it turns out that the reward itself is only part of the equation; in fact, it is simply the anticipation of the reward which humans find so stimulating, not neccesarily the rewards itself. And due to the unpredictable reward schedule of a game of chance, user engagement can be dramatically higher when compared with traditional, more predictable reward schemes.

Game of Skill

While gamification has proved effective gaming, experts say companies need to make sure that the games are not just doling out meaningless awards or badges. Overuse will cause gamification to be “trivialized and non-impactful. Game of skill Skill will arouse the interest of becoming the best player on each game, become better and better everyday. It will encourage players to come and play, to be sure to stay the best one, to win rewards, and to learn and developp more and more skills.

Quiz and Survey

Each quiz and survey is an infinite platform to customize , including photos, videos and music and depending on your target audience, product, or brand. Players could compete with eachother in an additional motivation to participate, and play in an engaging formative assessment. Having a modern quiz or survey component in place will enable you to explore various methods for measuring course effectiveness, and will give the players the chance to engage with the material on different level.


We make gamification technology accessible to businesses so that they can motivate, reward, and engage their constituents. We think gamification is important because when you can reframe a business problem into a game, you can create amazing outcomes.

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