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Playbasis Plugin
Playbook Plugins are extensions for your existing mobile experience. Our plugins are based on the 'act-play-win' behavioural loop. Our strategy team matches a plugin to your desired behaviour, we deliver the SDK, and the Playbasis Platform drives the solution.

Playbasis Games

Playbasis Plugins add games and rewards into any application, to drive whatever behaviour your business needs. Customer acquisiton, payments, transfers, data collection. Whatever the scenario, we have, or can build, a game to suit your situation. Think you have an action we can't influence? Let's talk.

Pay & Play

Playbasis and Visa, the leader in global payments technology, partner together to bring to make Playbasis’ ‘Pay & Play’ technology to Visa issuers and acquirers, including banks, merchants and more.
Make payment
Spin the Wheel
Get the Reward

Reward Wallets

With Playbasis Rewards, you can add a fully-managed Rewards Wallet directly into your application. Virtual or real rewards, at your customers finger tips, with minimal effort from you and your team.


We make gamification technology accessible to businesses so that they can motivate, reward, and engage their constituents. We think gamification is important because when you can reframe a business problem into a game, you can create amazing outcomes.

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