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Drive your web and social media traffic to a Portal for your brand's app strategy


Turn web and social media traffic into app downloads
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A solid mobile startegy in 2017 puts the native mobile app experience first, and websites second. With more than 70% of your traffic coming via mobile devices, it is imperative that brands understand how to harness that traffic and use it to drive mobile downloads. With our Portal service, that becomes easy.
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Offer incentives for users to pre-register to your app prior to it launching. You can offer virtual rewards and other in-app items, or coupons and vouchers. Build a sign up list and notify them once the app goes live. Now, rather than launching an empty communtity, your brand can instantly offer a much more vibrant service.


We make gamification technology accessible to businesses so that they can motivate, reward, and engage their constituents. We think gamification is important because when you can reframe a business problem into a game, you can create amazing outcomes.

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