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Omnichannel Engagement


Turn web and social media traffic into app downloads


In today's mobile-first, data-driven world, the best companies use data analytics, business rules, and automation to offer highly personalized and contextual experiences in real-time.

With the Playbasis Platform, you integrate and manage your entire engagement strategy in one place.

World Class Security

Playbasis understands that the security and integrity of our customers' data are vital to our mutual success. We constantly monitor and improve our security standards to ensure we stay ahead of the world's always evolving security challenges.
  • SSL / TLS

    All communication to and from our Platform is secured using SSL/TLS technology
  • Disk level encryption

    Our data drives are encrypted using the AES-256 encryption cipher, to ensure our clients security and privacy
  • Two-factor authentication

    Two-factor authentication is utilized for advanced security
  • Privacy policy

    Privacy policy for the end users are in place
  • Private network and Firewall

    Our platform is deployed inside a secure private network, with restrictive firewall policies in place

    We align with the OWASP guidelines, ensuring that we produce the most secure code possible


Playbook is an off-the-shelf mobile app which provides your business with access to the world’s most engaging mobile experience. Take advantage of our subscription model to generate a positive return more quickly, at a lower cost.

We assess your business

Tailor your Playbook

Launch your application


Playbook Plugins are like extensions for your existing mobile experience. Our plugins are based on the 'act-play-win' behavioural loop. Our strategy team matches a plugin to your desired behaviour, we deliver the SDK, and the Playbasis Platform drives the solution.





Bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world by launching your own branded Augmented Reality Games and Applications with Playbasis Presence.


Today's digital winners are investing in mobile applications, and understand how to convert web traffic into app downloads. With Playbasis portal, we provide a smart landing page optimized for conversions.

Playbasis Games

Both Playbook and Plugins make use of the Playbasis Games library. This regularly updated, constantly extended, library delivers fun, engaging experiences to your customers.

Playbasis Games


We make gamification technology accessible to businesses so that they can motivate, reward, and engage their constituents. We think gamification is important because when you can reframe a business problem into a game, you can create amazing outcomes.

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